[RUTSUBO Artist Profile] Known for a wide range of expressions from paintings to embroideries: "Koichiro Takagi"

KOICHIRO TAKAGI Born in Tokyo, Takagi was educated in an art school in San Francisco, and was based in New York for a while before moving back to Tokyo. He is known for his wide range of expressions from paintings to embroideries. T...
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One of the most popular manga series in Japan, selling over 70 million copies : "Kinnikuman"

The History of Kinnikuman Kinnikuman is a manga series created by the duo Yoshinori Nakai and Takashi Shimada, known as Yudetamago. It follows Suguru Kinniku, a superhero who must win a wrestling tournament to retain the title of pr...
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Inspired by "melting pot" like brands, artists and cultures all over the world are mixed up: "RUTSUBO"

What is "RUTSUBO"? Rutsubo (melting pot) refers to a circumstance which diversity of things are mixed up. This word had come up when we described New York City as "melting pot of races". This brand name &qu...
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Japanese alternative fashion brand trying to mix East & West cultures: "ALDIES"

Innovation and Borderless Designer, Takashi Akuzawa started his own label "ALDIES" featuring hats and bags since 2004. The brand has been adopted by a wide range of age groups, and is especially popular among fashionable p...
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The first Japanese MMA clothing brand: ""

Founded in 1932, Isami Trading Co., Ltd. is one of the most major martial arts supply manufacturers in Japan. Especially, Jiu-Jitsu Gi and Karate Gi have been well-known as high-quality products made in Japan. Isami has star...
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A passion for a pair of unique selvage indigo denim: "DOWN NORTH JEANS"

A denim label DOWN NORTH JEANS was established in 2007, providing as an indie brand from Shimo-kitazawa where the designer grew up. Shimo-kitazawa known as "Shimokita", is a commercial and entertainment district in Setagaya, Tok...
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Inspired by board culture, military & work wear: "SURREAL"

Japanese fashion brand, SURREAL started in 2012 as a house brand of lifestyle shop "MIND" in Urayasu, Chiba where was located on the coast of Tokyo Bay. MIND is the shop that local skateboarders and surfers gather to have a chat...
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What's the real? Pursuit of the essence of skateboard: "IFO SKATEBOARD"

IFO SKATEBOARD started in 2009 by Soichiro Nakajima, who was the first Japanese skater selected for a profile in 411VM 'Wheels of Fortune' and the opening trick of the video as the best trick. The ...
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The special uniform made by people who against the world: "MSGR"

World Wide Messenger - "MSGR" for short, has been releasing clothing items developed with functionality & urban street taste since the beginning age 1998. The name of the brand means "Street evangelist" announcing ...
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