Japanese alternative fashion brand trying to mix East & West cultures: "ALDIES"

Alternative Japanese fashion brand "ALDIES"

Innovation and Borderless

Designer, Takashi Akuzawa started his own label "ALDIES" featuring hats and bags since 2004. The brand has been adopted by a wide range of age groups, and is especially popular among fashionable people who love city-living and the street.

The policy of creative design and manufacturing is "Innovation and Borderless", this has been attracting the attention of not only the apparel industry but also other types of business and industries as well.

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Mixture of Eastern and Western Cultures

ALDIES has produced items with a complicated combination of fabrics, colors and patterns which are the identifying characteristics of the brand.

As seeing a piece of pop art in the 1980's, ALDIES attempts to mix Eastern and Western cultures by adding various patterns, such as ethnic, check, and the stars and stripes to modern clothing and accessories. The ultimate wish is to create genderless and stateless items that can make people happy everyday.

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