Inspired by "melting pot" like brands, artists and cultures all over the world are mixed up: "RUTSUBO"

Rutsubo (melting pot) refers to a circumstance which diversity of things are mixed up.

What is "RUTSUBO"?

Rutsubo (melting pot) refers to a circumstance which diversity of things are mixed up. This word had come up when we described New York City as "melting pot of races".

This brand name "RUTSUBO" refers to the place that brands, artists, concepts and cultures all over the world are mixed up. Many kinds of things are mixed up in a pot to create products.

RUTSUBO brand image

Japanese craftsmanship to the world

Not specializing specific direction, We create enjoyable items for grown-ups based on the culture we've been raised. In every season, we plan artists’ products, and produce the items with them. Those are borderless such as not only apparel, but also ceramics, furniture, sundries and skateboard.

We set the theme of RUTSUBO as "Japanese craftsmanship to the world".

RUTSUBO artist image



MHAK Photo

Born in 1981 in Aizu Wakamatsu, Japan. Influenced by furniture and interior design, his paintings and murals are designed to “cohabit” with interior design.His work, in search of the abstract, are divided into multiple overlapping curves, due to the need to marry to the environments for which they are created.

His unique style decorates the walls and the furniture of private residences,Hair salon and hotels, while his work on wood panels were exposed to his first solo show in Portland as well as in various exhibitions in Japan and abroad, in New York, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Melbourne, Sydney and Milano.

Mhak also works with LEVIS,NIKE and other street brands both Japanese and international, multi-purpose in expressing his unique vision of the world.


Ly Photo

Ly, a painter born in Tokyo, has drawn monsters created in her mind with only black, white and gray colors since childhood. 

Her work is mainly based on "Anger", "Sadness", "Loneliness" and so on, but more than that, it has straight & powerful message. 

She is branching out as an artist not only in Tokyo but Paris, Bangkok, Singapore, Los Angeles.

RUTUBO 2016 SS photo