[RUTSUBO Artist Profile] Known for a wide range of expressions from paintings to embroideries: "Koichiro Takagi"

[RUTSUBO Artist Profile] "Koichiro Takagi"


Born in Tokyo, Takagi was educated in an art school in San Francisco, and was based in New York for a while before moving back to Tokyo. He is known for his wide range of expressions from paintings to embroideries. Takagi portrays "uneasiness" along side his soon to be seen imaginary utopia through his works. The guides to this utopia, the animals motifs, question the viewers the "truth".

Takagi has been involved in various exhibitions both domestically and internationally. Also his works have been featured in collaborations with various fashion brands such as ZUCCa, BEAMS, PORTER, Paul Smith.




Q1: Firstly, could you tell us your background including your career?
I was born and grown in Tokyo. My family was catholic. I went catholic school, so I had strong influence from religion in childhood. Then I went extremely Liberal school. they give free and radical idea to me. At same time I started to listen Hard Core music and started skateboarding too. I was influenced from counter culture.
After graduated university, I went art school in San Francisco. My major was Printmaking, but I could touch several materials in my art school and had good experience. Now I am creating embroidery series that is mixed media works with painting and stencil works.
Q2: What age have you started your activity as an artist, and what did motivate you?
I thought I might become Artist in future when I went to Art school in San Francisco. I graduated the school, when I was 25 years old. And I keep creating artwork after graduation.
Q3: Do you think art influences people? If you do, what kind of thing does it?
Yes, I think it does.
It change something when people look Artwork and They has Question “What is mean?”. it is very important to have Question in our life, and it might change our world.
Q4: Do you have anything to pay attention when you do your work?
Complex, hated, and annoying in the society and human relations is my theme in my artwork. But I don’t directly spit the negative mind out on my work. I consider it and transform to another image.
Q5: What point do you want to strongly appeal to everyone on your work this time?
It’s a funny character but a little scary.
Q6: Finally, please describe what made you to participate RUTUBO project.
I wanted to make product for skateboarding and street cultures, so I was happy RUTUBO offered to me.

[RUTSUBO] Known for a wide range of expressions from paintings to embroideries: "Koichiro Takagi"